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Myers Briggs By Superpowers


INFJ: Visions of the future
ESTP: Superhuman strength
INTJ: Immortality
ESFP: Ability to freeze time
INFP: Literary manipulation
ESTJ: Power negation
INTP: Omniscience
ESFJ: Healing powers
ISFJ: Visions of the past
ENTP: Dimensional travel
ISTJ: Photographic memory
ENFP: Reality warping
ISFP: Shape shifting
ENTJ: Mind control
ISTP: Invulnerability
ENFJ: Empathic powers




Rumour Has It/Someone Like You

#ugh and THIS ONE #actual height of demonstration of the radically powerful show glee could have been #AND THEY RUINED EVERY LAST BIT OF IT #because everything about this number is completely and utterly perfect #because it’s all of santana’s worst fears come to light #rumour has it: that they’ll all talk and she can’t control it and she can’t fight it and can’t hide #someone like you: that the one perfect thing in this world that she’s pinned all her hopes and dreams on will leave (her with nothing) #and before they go into all this #mercedes quite literally spends a solid three seconds breaking to make sure santana’s gonna be ok #and that she’s going to make it through this #because mercedes is the ACTUAL BEST OF ALL THE FRIENDS #this is a show glee could have been #this could have been the story instead of IKAG #THEY HAD IT RIGHT HERE #THEY HAD A STORY FROM THE PERSPECTIVE OF (Q)W(OC) ABOUT THEIR OWN LIVES RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM #and they made it about the straight white dude #it could have been the greatest storyline on television #and instead it was the worst trainwreck i’ve ever had the misfortune of seeing #FOREVER BITTER? #forever bitter

FOREVER fucking bitter about it.


This makes me extremely content.

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layhale replied to your post: Is the Myers-Briggs becoming the new z…

I think its just because they go deeper than zodiacs and there are more options like you can tell more about a person

True. I don’t mind it, since I am a Psychology major. It’s cool to see everyone finding out their type.


I’m tried of gay pride. I want gay sloth, gay lust, gay envy, gay gluttony, gay wrath, and gay greed now.

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Is the Myers-Briggs becoming the new zodiac or something? Like everyone is all of a sudden exchanging their results and including it in about me’s and making GIF’s and graphics with them.

I’m ENFP tho

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Sometimes I feel like I might finally be content with the way I look, and then I look in the mirror and it’s like


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Zaofu in The Terror Within



So I’m completely caught up on LoK again so I guess it’s time to login to my ATLA/LOK blog again after like 56 years

what’s the name of that blog, i’ll be sure to follow it


I haven’t posted anything in over 10 months and it still says I’m 19. I turn 21 in about 2 weeks so…

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